What is the Student Ambassador Program?
The Student Ambassador program is for any student who wishes to bring this film to their campus or school. Clay's friends are every-where and every personal connection to the film helps to make the impact even greater.  Whether you knew Clay or not, we hope you will help.  We want this film to reach as many high schools and college campuses as possible.
If you would like to be a Student Ambassador and have this film shown at your school, please fill out the form on the right and we will help make it happen.

What are your responsibilities if you choose to be a

Student Ambassador?

As much as you want!  Just connecting us with your school is a huge help!  We will help you along the way and supply you with the following:

  • A detailed outline of the steps to take to get the film scheduled at your school


  • Suggestions and talking points for introducing the film, moderating the film, participating in panel discussion and promoting the film.


  • The amount of participation is COMPLETELY UP TO YOU! 

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