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...It’s the worst experience anyone could

go through — as if it’s not enough to lose your son but to have to tell your two children that they lost their brother is heart-wrenching.

- Geoff Soper, Clay's Dad

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Options for viewing makes it easier than ever for your child to view this important film.


Parents have power. You can take action to educate your child and others about drug and alcohol misuse. "If They Had Known" is now available to any individual for rent on video on demand ( and Google Play). Or, help us bring this film to your kids' school and start conversations about this toxic party trend.  Work with your school administrators, PTO or town coalition to bring this documentary to your community. This film will fit well into a classroom based curriculum at your child’s school or can stand alone as a presentation to teens, parents, and the greater community. With our viewing options, it is easier than ever for students to view this film.

Our documentary is more than just a film and is intended to be used for interactive programs: a screening followed by a facilitated discussion. Included with the documentary, is a Facilitator’s Guide with helpful information on how to prepare for a showing, introduce the film, and lead a post viewing discussion.  We also provide a PDF and PowerPoint presentation with five key message points from the film.


Video on Demand - & Google Play

Available for rent for individual viewing on both and Google Play.  Our video on demand offerings now make it easier than ever for any student to view this film.

Help to bring this film to your High School, College/University or Community. 

Our documentary program is more than just the film. Designed for remote learning and online presentations it

includes an online Discussion Program Kit with materials containing take away messaging and post viewing

discussion and feedback information.



  1. Understand the Risk of this toxic Mix.

  2. Accidents do not discriminate.

  3. Prescription drugs are not for recreational use.

  4. Your responsibility to act.

  5. The ripple effect and its impact.

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