EVERY student should see this film…it could save their life.


Would you like to host the documentary and program at your High School /Community or College/University?
​Send us your contact info and we will send you the information you'll need to help you make it happen!
Thanks for bringing this important documentary to your school!

The most impactful way for students to view this film, is to be sitting shoulder to shoulder with their peers.


Below are some suggestions for gathering different groups together to reach as many students as possible:


  • Multiple Student Assemblies

  • Classroom Showings

  • Community Showings

  • Pre-Prom and Graduation required viewing

  • Athletic Department required viewing

  • Wellness Day Workshops


  • Hold a campus-wide event

  • Athletic Department required viewing

  • Orientation week

  • Alcohol Awareness Week

  • Fraternity/Sorority co-sponsor

  • Class credit

Get creative and maximize your license agreement!

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